Hello, World!

Welcome to Endurance Every Day!

For the most part, this is going to be a journal, an opportunity to re-live my adventures by writing about them. I find these types of blogs interesting and entertaining to read, so I hope that I can add a little bit of that to the endless rabbit hole of the internet.

But rather than pretending I am a professional athlete and just writing about the fun stuff, I’m hoping to try to capture the unique challenges and benefits of being a regular guy with a regular life and a full time job who also spends most of his free time running around or skiing in the woods for hours on end (and who spends most of what’s left thinking about it). Maybe beyond this being a fun activity for myself and entertainment for others, my experiences can be at least a little bit useful for people in a similar situation.

Enjoy! I intend to always leave comments open on this site, so let me know what you think!