Timeline of a once-in-a-while bike commute

-Last Friday-

Foiled. Bailed on a bike commute because of rain and thunderstorms. Shucks! I had been looking for a chance to ride for the last few weeks.


Plan for the week. Training plan looked good for putting 30 miles in on the bike on Friday. I had a challenging weekend planned with 15-20 miles of running (including some hard tempo miles) on Saturday and Sunday and hot weather in the forecast. But I decided it'd be ok to ride Friday provided that I didn't wear myself out too much by taking the scenic route. My calf had also been bothering me a bit when running recently so I thought putting in a good day Friday could be a backup in case running doesn't go well on the weekend.

-Wednesday evening-

Pack up work clothes. I actually included clothes for both Thursday (after YWCA track workout) and Friday (to leave at the office).

Super exciting photo of my stuff in the shower room at work

Super exciting photo of my stuff in the shower room at work

-Thursday morning-

Invited to a lunch meeting. That meant that I could leave the lunch I brought in the fridge in the break room and eat it on Friday and wouldn't have to carry lunch food on the bike. Success!

-Thursday evening-

Pack for the ride. Because I left clothes, shower stuff, and food at work, I didn't have much beyond my typical ride kit. The forecast called for an extra hot afternoon, so I also packed an extra shirt (sleeveless) for the ride home and an electrolyte drink to sip on during the day.

-Friday, 5:30am-

Up and at 'em. Fed the dog, made the coffee, checked the morning heart rate. Over coffee and toast-with-peanut butter I checked my route on Google Maps to see if there was any relevant construction. I'm glad I checked - the bridge I normally take across the Mississippi is closed - found a good modification. Wasted some more time - waking up before 6 makes for a pretty leisurely morning!

-Friday, 7:00am-

Check tire pressure and roll out. Stopping for a red light directly in front of The Baker's Wife and smelling the donuts without stopping for one was a particularly challenging struggle.

-Friday, 8:00am-

Arrival. It was a super enjoyable but completely uneventful ride. Just a little bit warmer than perfect riding weather, but pretty obvious that afternoon would be super hot. Locked up the bike, hit the shower and got ready for the day.

-Friday, 8:15am-

Oops! I forgot to bring my extra shoes down to the locker room, had to walk upstairs to my cube in my socks. Nobody saw me, so it wasn't too embarrassing.

Left my shoes in my cubicle...

Left my shoes in my cubicle...

-Friday, 8:16am-

Need a snack upon arrival. I ate a PROBAR Almond Crunch Meal Bar. Pretty tasty.

-Friday, 2:00pm-

Starting to worry about the weather. We had a short downpour outside. It was short-lived, but I started to pay attention to the radar to find a window for a safe ride home.

-Friday, 4:00pm-

Time to go. The weather was looking ok, though there were some ominous clouds on the horizon.

Selfie in front of the office on the way out

Selfie in front of the office on the way out

-Friday, 5:00pm-

Home, safe and sound. Like the morning, it was pretty uneventful. It was really hot but I was actually fairly comfortable and didn't feel terribly tired, and the weather held out. I might have seen a bald eagle.

How was your Friday commute?